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Hey y’all,

While Nihan is building Our Own guesthouse on Thoddoo other than Summer Inn, which will probably be completed by Dec, I am starting a new blog that is to recommend all good or hard-to-get or rare or trending items I find online, every link(shopping site) I post is certified and absolutely secure, and shipping to almost worldwide.

Blog: https://sex4breakfast.wordpress.com

Welcome to visit, comment and share, and feel free to tell me if you are desparately looking for some item(s), I will do my best to find them for you. 😀

Btw, Summer Inn still accepts booking just Nihan and I can only get a little commission from it cause we are not the boss. For details of Summer Inn, please check my Airbnb page, link was posted before. (Price is good during low season).

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Manta Ray @ Thoddoo, Maldives

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I believe some tourists of the Maldives aim to see Manta rays, or happen to see the beautiful creature surprisingly..If you are lucky enough, you might see Manta ray in your dives, or just by the sea side!

Interested to learn more about visiting to Thoddoo/Guraadhoo Islands, Maldives on a budget, or get a booking now?..Please feel free to contact Timmy by email/Skype: erafsce_t@msn.cn

Why choose Thoddoo Island over Maafushi etc?

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Maafushi is probably one of the most popular and famous places on the Maldives, browse online and you will find countless people talking about plans to vist Maafushi.
Let’s see what travelers say about Maafushi on influential forums who had actually been there recently:
The island is overbuilt with square concrete buildings, it is full of tourists, the only places to eat are at the hotels/guesthouses (there are small stores selling drinks, biscuits, bred etc), there are very few short beaches, the snorkelling is poor (OK for fish but coral 90% dead)…
OK, I live in Indonesia and am spoilt when it comes to islands, beaches and marine life, but this place is very ugly by any tropical islands’ standards.
If you have only ever been to beaches in Europe or NE Asia before, it may be nice for you, otherwise 9 days would be way too long.
And the popularity and overdevelopment is not thanks to any positive features, but simply because it has abundant cheap accommodation and easy access from Male. Also, it must have been a rather developed island even before the tourism boom, with the huge prison and being a regional population center.
The beaches and the snorkeling are downright poor.
While Thoddoo (really in its first year of organised tourism) is a really amazing place to visit!
If you are interested to know more about our guest house services based on the Thoddoo island, please feel free to contact email/Skype: erafsce_t@msn.cn


Very helpful post of your experience, nice pics and detailed tips..I will read it through again later!

Here you can make a booking right now on Airbnb: https://zh.airbnb.com/rooms/16235748

Our official website has been launched now: http://sparklingmaldives.com/



Just like most people, I like spending the Christmas and New Year’s holidays with my family in my hometown or traveling abroad. Last year, I’ve been considering to take a two-week vacation to one of my dream destinations but due to some unforeseen and unfortunate personal circumstances that happened with my family, I urgently needed to go back to my hometown before the holidays. Good thing, I didn’t book that trip yet because I had to spend that money on more important things (like that emergency ticket back home and some bills). To give you an idea… I spent the first week of December 2014 mourning with my family. Anyway, after that I went back to Singapore, almost broke, and was left with no more leave credits. My holiday plans had to change.

So I just stayed in Singapore, went to work (except on Christmas day of course) while most of my colleagues were on leave…

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Visa and passport information for the entry to Maldives

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To enter Maldives no pre-arrival visa is required. A thirty day free visa is issued on arrival for all Nationalities, provided the following conditions are met:

  • Should posses a valid passport and
  • Have a valid ticket to continue the journey out of Maldives and
  • Have enough funds to cover the expenses for duration of the stay in Maldives. (US$100 + $50 dollars per day) or a confirmation of reservation in a Tourist Resort or a Hotel

Caution:Full thirty day visa is not a right of the passenger to claim, but lies at the discretion of the Immigration to issue not more than thirty days and any period less than thirty days.


Sponsorship A foreigner maybe allowed to enter Maldives through the sponsorship program. The sponsor should fill and submit the related application form available at the Immigration. The foreigner should not travel to Maldives under this program, until the sponsorship is approved. It is the responsibilty of the foreigner to ensure that the sponsorship has been approved. Failing upon which the foreigner maybe refused entry. A sponsor could be a local or a locally registered company.

Renewal of Tourist Visa A Tourist visa maybe be renewed if the person concerned, applies to the Immigration before the expiration of the visa already granted. Before the extension, Immigration will re-asses the incumbents financial position for the stay period of the extension. An extension can only be applied through the Visa Extension Application Form, at the Head Office during official working hours. Extension if considered, would be granted to a duration not exceeding a total of 90 days. (including the days granted on arrival) A visa fee of Rufiyaa 750 will be charged, for the full extension or part thereof (30 days free + 60 days chargeable) No visa fee will be charged if the extension does not exceed 30 days, that is including the days granted on arrival. FOREIGNERS WHO STAY BEYOND THE APPROVED STAY, MAYBE DEPORTED.

Refusal of Entry Any person arriving in Maldives maybe refused entry, if the Immigration officer during questioning or interviewing the passenger

  • Have reasonable grounds (not necessarily solid proof) that the person is carrying fraudulent travel documents.
  • Suspects the apparent intention to the possible disruption of harmony and unlawful activities.
  • Has strong anti-semantic religious or political views.

Caution:The right to refuse an entry lies at the discretion of the Immigration and not as a right to claim entry. Removal from Maldives Any person staying in Maldives could be removed from Maldives immediately if the person concerned is :

  • Found working on a Tourist Visa
  • Found participating in any unlawful activity or even the intention to participate or initiate an unlawful activity
  • Suspected of disrupting the religious or political harmony
  • Reported to have become a public nuisance
  • Found with expired stay permit
  • Found with expired Work Permit

The removal could be translated as deportation from Maldives until such time, the Immigration seems fit.

Category Eligibility Condition Privileges
Tourist Visa For all nationalities Read the relevant text above EMPLOYMENT PROHIBITED
Resident Permits People with valid Work Permits Read the relevant text above EMPLOYMENT ALLOWED
Marriage Visa Person married to a Maldivian On arrival should submit the proof of marriage. Burden of proof lies with the applicant Proof can be a Marriage certificate in English or  an English translation Marriage should be locally  registered with the concerned  court of law within the granted period before a Marriage Visa would be granted. EMPLOYMENT ALLOWED
Foreign Widow Wife of a Maldivian, whose husband has passed away while married. The Widow Visa status will get cancelled once married EMPLOYMENT ALLOWED
Student Visa Should have a guardian in Maldives A letter should be sent to the Immigration by the guardian stating: The intention to study in Maldives To act as a guardian by the applicant The type of study EMPLOYMENT PROHIBITED
Dependent Visa Wife, husband and children of a work permit holder Children should be less than 18 years old The category of employment (Labor Ministry) should allow dependents. Burden of Proof (Marriage or Guardianship of children) lies entirely on the person applying Marriage Certificates in English (or an English Translation of the same) Birth Certificates in English (or an English Translation of the same) Can switch from a Tourist Visa to a dependent Visa if the conditions are met. EMPLOYMENT PROHIBITED

Crews coming to join a vessel Crews coming to join a vessel should inform, in writing, to the Immigration prior to the arrival through the local agent of the vessel. The letter should specify the name of the vessel and the intention to sign-on to this vessel. Crews arriving without prior knowledge of arrival would be refused to sign-on to the vessel and would have to re-enter Maldives. On arrival seven days tourist visa would be granted, during which the crew should apply to the Harbor Immigration to get signed-on to the vessel, through the local agent of the vessel. Due to any reason, if the crew fails to sign-on before the expiration of the given duration, the agent should apply for an extension, failing upon which the crew might be refused to join the vessel and ask to leave and re-enter.

Departure from Maldives All persons leaving Maldives should posses a valid passport or a travel document. If the passport of a foreigner gets expired or gets lost while staying in Maldives: a proper travel document or a passport should be obtained from a Mission closest to Maldives. OR a carrier flying directly or indirectly to foreigners home destination, agrees to carry the person concerned.

Transit Passengers Transit passengers must leave within 24 hours of arrival. If a transit passenger fails to leave within 24 hours the passenger should revise the permit to stay.

From: http://www.immigration.gov.mv/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=86

Our site is www.whitesandmaldives.com, you could also contact me by email/Skype: erafsce_t@msn.cn

Our guest house services are ready to go!

Here you can make a booking on the guest house right now on Airbnb: https://zh.airbnb.com/rooms/16235748
Our official website has been launched now: http://sparklingmaldives.com/
Our guest houses on the Thoddoo island are Ready and Opened to our customers as well as the activities. We will even have collabration with local hotels.
All excursions are available such as diving, night fishing, big game fishing, sand bank trip, dolphin trip, barbecue, local food experience, local food cooking class, (night) snorkeling, island hopping, scuba diving, romantic dinner at the beach, water sports etc…
Beds we offer
If you have any other requirements, please feel free to tell us, we will do our best to satisfy you, and improve ourselves.
Welcome to contact me and get a booking manually before our site is completed, the price is negotiable in this low season! My friend and his partners there are waiting for you on the Maldives.
My contact email/Skype: erafsce_t@msn.cn

When to go to the Maldives and weather

Here you can make a booking on our guest house right now on Airbnb: https://zh.airbnb.com/rooms/16235748

Our official website has been launched now: http://sparklingmaldives.com/

Low Season (May–Nov)

Storms and rain more likely, but weather warm and guest houses at their cheapest. Prices rise in August for European summer holidays. Marine life is more varied on the western side of atolls at this time.

Shoulder (Mar–Apr)

Great weather continues until the end of April, when temperatures are at their hottest. The surf season begins in March and continues until October. Prices jump during Easter.

High Season (Dec–Feb)

The Maldives enjoys its best weather. Expect little rain, low humidity and blue skies. Christmas and New Year involve huge price hikes and often minimum stays of 5 days or more.

If interested to know more about traveling to Maldives, or get a booking on Maldives guest houses, please feel free to contact me by making a comment or Skype/email: erafsce_t@msn.cn.